About Wellhero

The story of Wellhero

Crafted by individuals who actively embrace a healthy lifestyle, engaging in marathons and long-distance cycling, our app stands apart in a crowded market.

While the App Store is saturated with HRV measurement and research apps, we firmly assert that many of them offer unreliable data. The remaining few either lack compatibility with Bluetooth heart rate monitors and Apple Watch, present proprietary metrics without disclosing algorithms, or suffer from obsolescence.

Our mission is to address these issues and democratize access to HRV science, ensuring it is accessible to everyone.

Our principles

We remain honest with our users; it’s our core principle.

  1. Privacy Protection
    In terms of privacy protection, we strictly refrain from trading user data. Our revenue model relies on subscription payments, ensuring that user data remains the exclusive property of the individual. It’s important to emphasize that we do not engage in the sale of data.
  2. Ethical marketing
    Despite the intense competition within the mobile app niche for heart rate and HRV research, our approach differs significantly. Instead of pursuing users with gimmicks like “pressure measurement through the camera” or “X-ray,” our focus is on providing features grounded in rigorous scientific research.
    Importantly, we steer clear of incorporating fake features in our application. Our commitment lies in offering genuine and research-backed functionalities.
  3. User-Centric Approach
    Every step in our development process, including the implementation of new features, is directed towards enhancing user convenience and well-being. We actively encourage user involvement in shaping our roadmap, allowing them to suggest and vote for features that matter most to them.

Contribution to science

We actively welcome collaboration with universities to conduct scientific research. Additionally, we have the capability to provide aggregated anonymized measurement results that ensure the non-identification of users.

Moreover, we offer the option to collaborate directly with your users who have consented to participate in the research. By doing so, we can provide them with a complimentary premium subscription.

Should you represent an educational or research organization and require support for non-commercial HRV research, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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