Science in Wellhero App

Many users, to whom we offered to participate in beta testing, were surprised at how the app can measure heart activity, especially through the camera. Nevertheless, everything that happens in Wellhero is based on research.

What exactly are we measuring?

HRV intervals

We measure the intervals between heartbeats with millisecond precision and observe how diverse they are and how they change during the measurement; this is known as Heart Rate Variability or HRV. Based on these intervals, we calculate metrics that help understand the functioning of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in the body.

The research on which the application is based includes:

An Overview of Heart Rate Variability Metrics and Norms

Guidelines: Heart rate variability

Influence of Mental Stress on Heart Rate and Heart Rate Variability

Artificial neural networks-based classification of emotions using wristband heart rate monitor data

Experimental Verification of the Possibility of Reducing Photoplethysmography Measurement Time for Stress Index Calculation

How do we measure this?

We use three methods:

  • Sport heart rate monitors connected via Bluetooth capable of transmitting heartbeat intervals
  • Apple Watch
  • Phone camera

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

We trust reputable device manufacturers such as Garmin and Polar and recommend using their products.

Polar H7 for HRV measurements

Additionally, there is a study validating measurements with the Polar H7 chest strap using a 3-channel ECG recorder.

A validation study of a smartphone application for heart rate variability assessment in asymptomatic adults.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch provides heart rate intervals when using the Breathe feature in the Mindfulness app.

Research confirms the suitability of Apple Watch for measuring HRV.

Validation of the Apple Watch for Heart Rate Variability Measurements during Relax and Mental Stress in Healthy Subjects

iPhone camera

The phone camera can fairly accurately measure changes in the color of blood vessels when illuminated with a flashlight. This method is called photoplethysmography.

HRV measurements with iPhone camera

There are studies confirming its effectiveness.

Using Rear Smartphone Cameras as Sensors for Measuring Heart Rate Variability

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to email us at [email protected] for any questions related to Wellhero.

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